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About Singapore

The city of Singapore, vibrant and wonderful as it is, is fast gaining reputation as a study hub in the Middle East. With foreign universities such as Michigan, Rochester, Wollongong, Murdoch, Middlesex and others opening campuses in this dazzling desert in especially designated areas like Academic City and Knowledge Village, the city is rapidly becoming popular amongst the international student community.

Why Study in Singapore

Singapore’s economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Because of the government’s education policies, learning is comparatively cheaper in Singapore. One would spend double the amount for the same learning elsewhere than here. Due to vast development activities especially in the area of infrastructure, trade and commerce, the possibilities of finding internship opportunities as well as full time employment are very high in Singapore.

There are a lot of extremely good quality education institutes of higher learning in Singapore. In fact due to the demographics of the country, you are likely to come into contact with students from all over the world which is an amazing experience.

The UAE welcomes international students with open arms. The place is hospitable, secure and caring. Entertainment is endless here. It is also called the city of events and all the world’s best musicians, theatres and performers come here for entertainment. More people are coming for higher education to UAE which clearly shows it’s standards.

The top ten programs in Singapore

  • BBA / MBA – Insurance & Banking
  • BA / MBA – Tourism Administration / Hospitality Management
  • BSc. – Forensic Sciences
  • BTech. – Computer Science & Engineering
  • BTech. – Civil Engineering
  • BTech. – Electronics & Telecommunication
  • BTech. – Solar & Alternate Energy
  • BTech. – Aerospace Engineering
  • BTech. – Nuclear Science & Technology
  • BTech. – Nanotechnology
  • Bachelor of Architecture
  • BSc. – Interior Design
  • MBA – Real Estate & Urban Infrastructure
  • MBA – Transport & Logistics


  • September
  • January

List of institutions

No. Name of the Institute Location
1 Amity University Singapore
2 Computer College Singapore

Visa Information

Students from outside the UAE will need to apply for a Student Residence Visa. All students requiring student visa must fill and submit the Student Visa Form and the Student Undertaking Letter.

Work & Migration

International Students can work part time for 20 hours a week in free zone areas they are required to get the permission from universities.

There are several job opportunities for International students in Singapore. Over the past two decades, Singapore has become a land of opportunities. The country is going through a phase of such immense growth, expansion and development, that it needs people from different backgrounds and countries with the right experience and education, and that too in large numbers.

After completing their studies, international students can apply for a work visa if they are able to find a job in Singapore.

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